2019 Survey of Makerspaces

2019 Survey: Everyone Counts


Take it and help contribute to the work we are doing.

What is the Nation of Makers Survey of Makerspaces?

It is your opportunity to contribute to the larger conversation and to have your voice heard. There are three surveys:

  • Economies Survey
    Everything about how makerspaces operate – size, membership, and impact.
  • Member Survey
    Which takes a look at the members themselves. What do they make and why. This survey also dives into inclusivity and diversity, in an effort to build on the studies about makerspaces being done at Open Works with Coppin State University. 
  • Leadership Survey
    Designed for staff, board members, owners, mentors, teachers and anyone else who is a leader in a makerspace. This survey also includes questions designed to assess our overall leadership skills, and it asks for areas where we want to grow

Help us Make The Data that represents all the maker- and hackerspaces in the United States!  By gathering the breadth of making and how communities are using these spaces we can all share in the value of defining what we do, what we provide and what we can provide to our communities. 

What you get for participation…
A 2019 Challenge Coin! The design hasn’t been set yet, but it will be awesome! To receive a 2019 Challenge Coin you will need to complete the survey and your space will need to have at least ONE individual from your organization fill out the Economies survey, at least ONE Leadership survey filled out and ONE member survey filled out. Any leaders and members who fill out the survey will receive a coin.

We also recognize that some makerspaces cannot meet the above requirements.
If you are a leader of a makerspace that primarily serves youth or individuals under the age of 13, we just need the Economies and Leadership survey from your organization to receive the coin. (We cannot collect data from individuals under the age of 13.)

New for the 2019 Edition: Custom Reporting
We recognize that you don’t always have time to get good data on the makers coming through your space. So we’re going to help you with that. If you get 20%+ member participation, 3 leadership participants and your Makerspace Economy completed, we will create a custom report for your organization.

Need a reminder to come back? Want to engage your makerspace in the survey or be a survey ambassador? Let us know.