Coins, Reports AND the Leaderboard!

2018 Survey Challenge Coins

A lot of folks have asked about the coins from 2018 – and the data team are working on better ways to use data analysis tools to simplify the process for 2019 so that all the contributors to the survey get them faster. (Translation: Rather than doing this by hand, we’re developing some pretty clever scripts to better handle data analysis.)

If all three surveys were received from a space, that means the leaders and members that filled out surveys get coins for free. They have been either given to your makerspace leader or they will be mailed out by December 1, 2019.

I (Jenn) sincerely apologize for the delay. Crunching the numbers for this takes some mental head space for coding, and this project is pretty big. Getting this year’s survey out in time and getting through last year’s data took priority. But we’ll get them out by Dec. 1. Thank you for being patient and understanding that this all volunteer team is going to do our best for you!

The leaderboard from 2018 is here:

The NEW leaderboard for 2019 is here. It is updated EVERY Friday from now until the end of December…

What should you use the leaderboard for?

If you have at least 3 leaders and 20% of your membership complete a survey, PLUS the Economies survey, your makerspace will get a custom report of data about your space. (The data will be anonymized because we take privacy incredibly seriously.

If a member, a leader, and an economies survey is filled in for any given space, any leaders or members of that space that filled in the survey will get a coin. (This was the same promise from last year.)

Coins and reports will be available at and after NOMCON 2020.

The goal of Make the Data is to help you run your makerspace better and advocate for the things you need using data and insights leveraged from the community.

What if you didn’t get a coin and want one??

Please contact Jenn about it via the form on this site. (It goes to her email.)

If you filled out a survey, you need to give a donation of at least $10 to Nation of Makers, we’ll send you a coin.
If you didn’t fill out a survey, you can get one by giving a donation of at least $25 to Nation of Makers.

Coins will be sent via USPS Mail, unless you kick a few bucks more in for expedited shipping.