2021 Survey of Makerspaces

After a rough 2020, we’ve resumed work on the Survey of Makerspaces. Our intent is to host the biggest longitudinal study of makerspaces, so that we can use that information now and in the future to advocate for policy and resources for makerspaces AND to help makerspaces better understand each other so that we can operate more efficiently and effectively.

The Member survey should be completed by anyone who participates in activities at a makerspace. This could be a paid member or someone who shows up at a meetup event, or at a library.
Take the Member Survey

The Leadership survey should be completed by anyone who considers themselves a leader. This could be a shop captain or teacher, or someone who is on paid staff. We are allowing individuals to self-identify as leaders for our survey.
Take the Leadership Survey

The Economies survey should be filled out only once, and it should be filled out by a leader in the makerspace who has access to operations information.
Take the Economies Survey

THE SURVEY IS STILL LIVE! – It will be up until July 4, 2022.


Since the last survey, there have been some changes.

  1. Changes in the Survey Itself
    • We’ve moved to Google surveys as our collection mechanism
    • We’ve not sent out the 2019 challenge coins yet, but that’s coming. We’ve not forgot about all the folks to whom we owe challenge coins and data reports, but we’re an all volunteer staff and 2020 was- well- not the best year for getting things done.
  2. Changes in Output
    • We are reporting out via dashboards and have an all web-based data pipeline. (This means you won’t get a PDF, but you’ll get to see more and different views of the data.)
    • We are working on hosting a hackathon for college-level data science students to celebrate making and maker data.

If you have questions, please ask us at data [at] nationofmakers.us. If you have python and data science experience and want to donate time to building dashboards, please contact us there as well!