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How did we fare as makerspaces in 2021?
Have we found ways to recover from the challenges of a global pandemic?

Help us collect this data and be part of the Survey of Makerspaces: the largest longitudinal study of makerspaces and maker organizations.

The Member survey should be completed by anyone who participates in activities at a makerspace. This could be a paid member or someone who shows up at a meetup event, or at a library.
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The Leadership survey should be completed by anyone who considers themselves a leader. This could be a shop captain or teacher, or someone who is on paid staff. We are allowing individuals to self-identify as leaders for our survey.
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The Economies survey should be filled out only once, and it should be filled out by a leader in the makerspace who has access to operations information.
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The survey will be live Jan 1. 2022 to March 31, 2022. Results will be reported for all questions before and at NoMCON 2021.

Yes, we’re still offering challenge coins for survey completions. The 2019 ones are set to go out in February 2022. (We apologize for this delay.) The current survey coins (2021 – yeah, we know it’s confusing – it’s 2022 but the survey data covers last year) will go out around June 2022. Emails checking with individuals to see where to send their coin will be sent out in early February.

If you have any questions. please reach out to data@nationofmakers.us.

If you’d like to join us in doing this work, we’re in need of individuals who know Python and have experience creating dashboards. Please email data@nationofmakers.us.

Thank you!