A makerspace or hackerspace can be a complicated beast to run. They are places for the community to gather, where you can learn, tinker and socialize. You can hone your hobbies or develop your small business. Different makerspaces are set up for folks of different age groups.

Our mission: to support these spaces. To provide the maker community data a regular stream of information that will help spread the word about the impact and importance of these facilities. Makethedata.org is run by the data working subcommittee of the Nation of Makers. We conduct the annual Survey of Makerspaces, and other survey/research initiatives focused on making.

What can you do to get involved with the makethedata initiative?
– Sign up to take the 2019 Survey of Makerspaces here
– Make a donation to Nation of Makers in support of the annual survey project
– Use our graphics and data in your presentations! (And add attribution to makethedata.org when you do!)