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Welcome to the 2019 Survey of Makerspace hosted by Nation of Makers (NoM)!

This page was created for the 2019 survey. For the 2021 version, please visit https://makethedata.org/2021-survey-of-makerspaces/

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Member Survey
Taken by individuals that are members of a space.
Take the Member Survey!
Leadership Survey
Taken by leaders of a space. One leader should also take the Economy Survey for their space.
Take the Leadership Survey!
Economy Survey
Taken once per space. Recommended to be taken by one leader in coordination with other leaders of the space. Includes questions about the financials, offerings and community.
Take the Economy Survey!
This survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete.This survey takes 15 minutes to complete.This survey takes 20-25 minutes to complete.
PDF of Member QuestionsPDF of Leadership QuestionsPDF of Economy Questions
For the purposes of this survey, who is considered a member?
• Anyone who visits a space or utilizes its services, whether paid or not
• Occasional or part-time teachers who do not occupy leadership roles
• Volunteer staff
Anyone else who doesn’t quite feel they should fill out the leadership survey
For the purposes of this survey, who is considered a leader?
• President/CEO/ Executive Director
• Board members
• Owners
• Operations’ staff
• Educational team leads and full-time teachers
For the purposes of this survey, who should be filling out the economy survey?
 The President, CEO, or Executive Director
• The Chief Operations Officer

The goal of the survey is to gather data that will enable maker organizations to access the information needed to apply for funding, make strategic decisions and tell a compelling story of what our organizations bring to the community. The 2018 Survey results are already generating fascinating articles:

Check out our Blog for more about the motivations and the types of data in the survey.

But the 2018 Survey is not a full representative of the community. The sample of responses was low and we need more responses in 2019 to more fully represent the community!

Receive a 2019 Challenge Coin

Receive a Coin!

If we receive at least…
• One membership survey
• One leadership survey
• One economies survey

You will receive a custom-designed, minted 2019 Nation of Makers challenge coin!

Custom Reports

Receive Custom Report

One improvement that is being made to our process this year is reporting back to the spaces that participate. Your makerspace can receive a custom report that features the information submitted by its members if it does the following:
• Completes the Economy Survey
• Has 20%+ of the membership complete the Member Survey
• Has at least 3 leaders complete the Leadership Survey.

If you would like to help get more responses, you can check out the following collection of templates and graphics or indicate your interest by contacting us.

If you notice a problem in the survey, please fill out the form on our “Report a bug” page.

What are we doing with this information?

This project is a part of the work of the Nation of Makers’ Metrics of Impact Working Group. We are interested in learning more about the populations we serve. This particular survey set focuses on our makerspace population.

Please note: Nation of Makers takes data security and privacy very seriously. The results will not be shared with any identifiable information; ONLY aggregated data will be shared with the community. We do not sell or share data with other organizations.