The MakeTheData Team

The team that creates content for MakeTheData is delighted that you’re here to learn and explore. Frankly, we’re excited to explore this data too. Most of us started out with involvement in our local makerspaces, and we’re combining that passion with a love of analytics, graphics, and data-driven decision making. We hope the result is that we can positively impact more makerspaces and more communities with our work.

We are:

Nan Braun
Development Director/Treasurer/Co-Founder, SHAK Makerspace

Jennifer Deafenbaugh
Sr. Instructional Multimedia Designer, Schneider Electric

Ronald Williams
Chief Innovation Officer, Institute for Business & Education Solutions (IBES), Inc.,Coppin State University

Russ Browder
Candidate for Doctorate in Entrepeneurship, Baylor University

Jeanette Breton
Executive Director, Colorado Maker Hub

Dorothy Jones-Davis
Executive Director, Nation of Makers

Ryan Hall
Marketing Coordinator, Blue Ridge Habitat for Humanity

The work we are doing is a labor of love for Nation of Makers.

Special thanks to Open Works in Baltimore, MD for their continued support of this project and for housing the 2019 Data Retreat in August of 2019.